Mystery Shopping

“See your business through the eyes of your customers.”

Marketshare Australia designs, implements and manages quality mystery shopping programs for: Dining & Hospitality, Services, Retail & Leisure-sector business throughout Australia.  

Implementing Marketshare Australia’s mystery shopping programme’s unique Customer-Focused-Perspective allows you to improve and standardise your operations. Allowing you to focus on other strategic growth opportunities.

The observations from our Mystery Shopping Package – the raw ‘field data’ and personal shopper  experiences – are aggregated, grouped and presented in a Management defined format; with the results readily accessible on-line to authorised Management Personnel.

An Integrated Mystery Shopping Package facilitates:
  • Monitoring and measuring of service performance
  • Making employees aware of what is important in serving customers
  • Consistent service delivery quality
  • Staff support and adherence to promotional programs
  • Positive customer relationships on-the-front-line
  • Improved customer retention
  • The ability to conduct Competitive Analyses between locations
  • Identifying of training needs and sales opportunities
  • On-going employee integrity and knowledge.

Customer Service Protocols Development.

Through feedback from Mystery Shopping Observations & Analysis we can help you set your standard customer service protocols (CSP) & procedures. Enabling consistency-of-response across your operations.