customer & employee satisfaction

happy customers – happy life

customer satisfaction and loyalty
Marketshare Australia is recognised as both a pioneer and market leader in this field. We go beyond simply asking customers how satisfied they are. We are careful to identify and understand their expectations. And by determining the importance or relevance of services and products to a customer we are able to put their feedback into context.

Our reports present all performance indicators graphically helping our clients to immediately identify opportunities and aspects that require urgent attention. KPIs are routinely compared to both internal and external benchmarks.

employee attitude and engagement (pulse surveys)
It may seem to be an obvious statement but dissatisfied employees generally: perform below their capabilities; leave their jobs relatively quickly; significantly increase recruitment and training costs and do not recommend their organisation as a potential employer.

Understanding exactly what your employees think and feel about your organisation is the first step in developing strategies to improve job satisfaction and morale. And that is the core of our work in employee satisfaction.

Our employee surveys routinely measure and track the following:

  • Workplace culture and environments
  • Performance review, goal setting & measurement
  • Communication
  • Workgroup cohesion
  • Leadership
  • Organisational vision
  • Involvement in change processes
  • Reputation & image