market research – overview

what you don’t know about your customers can hurt you !!!

Marketshare Australia is a full-service market research agency.  We provide both quantitative & qualitative research.

understanding people

Our focus is on understanding people …………. what they love and hate, what they want versus need, what they desire ….. what makes them happy or sad, what  delights or makes them angry.  By understanding people and the way they think and behave – you understand organisations and businesses both large and small, clients and customers alike.  Behind each decision and action is a human being, a person – making a choice.

It’s as simple as that – listen, understand, address.

what we do

We do this by using traditional market research methodologies such as:

  • surveys
    • online
    • central location
    • telephone
    • mail
  • focus groups
  • depth interviews
  • observation
  • field trials

Depending on what you are trying to understand and learn, we will use one or more of the above methods.

types of projects

Some of the more common types of projects we undertake include:

  • customer satisfaction
  • employee attitude & satisfaction (pulse surveys)
  • brand health & equity
  • product research
  • advertising concept testing & tracking
  • packaging & media evaluation.

And many more.