feedback …. don’t make it awkward

ummmmm …. well that’s awkward !!!

I was out on the weekend shopping at a popular jewellery store searching for a gift.  It was busy in store and I finally managed to grab the attention of one of the team members.  Yes, they helped me but they were rushing me through because there were lots of people in store and there was some pressure to move me along as quickly as possible to get to the next customer.

Yes, I get why, but still………  you know the scenario.  The disingenuous smile, the long stare past your shoulder and the vacant, disinterested look.

It’s not that I was treated badly or humiliated because of the choices I had made, but still, there was something missing.  Know that feeling? The one where you think; I won’t shop here again!

So, I’m at the cash register paying for my purchase and directly in front of me was a small iPad held up by what looked like a plastic stick.  I couldn’t help but look at what was on screen – it was asking me if I would like to comment on my experience at the store, to provide some ‘feedback.’

Well yesssssss, I would…..but not in front of the offending team member! 

Plus, by the time I read the questions, think about my answers and add some comments in the “Would you like to provide any further comments that can help improve our service to you?”, there are another three customers behind me & the staff member is giving me the death stare.

She – the staff member – thanks me, and I walk out of the store.

So; what’s wrong with this scenario???  A few things.

  • I didn’t provide feedback – yes, they gave me the opportunity to, but it felt like a bit of a farce.
  • I walked away not really happy with my experience – they won’t know why
  • I am now, highly unlikely to return – and do they really care? I don’t think so.

A few lessons here and some important questions your organisation should ask itself when capturing customer feedback and dealing with it.

  • Are you genuinely about looking after your customer? If not, your customers know.
  • Are you providing avenues for feedback for the sake of being “seen” to, or are you genuinely interested in what your customers think and the experience they had with your brand.
  • Are the avenues for feedback genuine attempts at getting the customer to speak to you directly rather than broadcast it on Facebook.

Remember you want them to tell you directly if they have a bad experience and you want them to tell their 10,000 Facebook friends if they had a good experience.

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