Feedback Management

“Objectivity & Consistency Of Response.”

Customers are the first to identify when things are not working properly.

How a company or business handles customer complaints will affect its reputation. If complainants feel they are being ignored or not taken seriously, they may turn to the ever-present Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram to tell their tale or express their displeasure.

Customer Feedback  Systems

An effective Customer Feedback  System – CFS – allows a company to monitor performance and identify and address systemic, reoccurring service-related problems before small complaints escalate, reflecting badly on the organisation and becoming a potentially expensive exercise. A functioning CFS is an economical and efficient way of completing the feedback-loop of:             Customer Service, Satisfaction & Complaints Resolution.

Graduated Response Protocols.

Marketshare Australia’s cohesive Graduated Response Protocols offer a speedy and systematic response to customer grievances and complaints. Complaints are categorised according to the level-of-urgency required to resolve the situation.

EG : A ‘Code Red’ is deemed to be of the utmost importance, requiring an immediate ‘Managerial Response.’