using customer satisfaction research

understanding people through customer satisfaction research

There’s a lot of talk about customer satisfaction and how important it is to business.  But how many of us actually undertake customer satisfaction research to really understand if your customers are happy??? 

SIMPLE QUESTION: Do you know the top 3 things your customers like and dislike about your product or service and why???  Because if you don’t, your competitors do – and they will be taking advantage of those weak spots.

‘Well, we don’t need to ask’ –  I hear you say because customers talk to us all the time.  They call us, they write to us, they message us via our Facebook and Social Media pages… and make suggestions!  

BUT is that telling you the whole story??? 

I don’t think so.

 What about contacting them and driving the initiative? 

That way you are not relying on a biased group of ‘keyboard-warriors’ or ‘trolls’ who find sport in criticising and complaining online about products and services in general.  You speak with real, loyal customers who genuinely use your product or service and want to continue using it because they like the brand and are loyal to it.

Being proactive, by measuring and understanding customer satisfaction identifies minor issues before they turn into massive problems.  If you keep in touch with customers they will tell you if something is wrong and in a lot of cases how to fix it!

The top five things Customer Satisfaction research can tell you are:

  1. Satisfaction with your Product or service
  2. Satisfaction with the Customer Service received
  3. Would they recommend or tell someone else about your product or service
  4. Would they buy your Product or use the Service again
  5. And finally, any other insights or comments they may have (The source of many ‘rough diamonds’ observations!)

Most importantly however you would understand WHY customers are not satisfied, why they wouldn’t recommend or use your product or service again.  You then really gain important insights – you begin to really understand and connect with your people, your customers.

You may have considered conducting some Customer Satisfaction Research.  There are a lot of free do it yourself products on the market with incredible capabilities.  But sometimes free and complex is not always best…. sometimes simple is best. (And yes, you will need to pay for it – ‘Quality is not free.’)

If you’re a small to medium sized business, please call us to chat more.  We’re a fully owned Australian company – locally based and we specialise in setting up and implementing customer satisfaction surveys at an affordable price.