faq & guidelines


Thank you for your interest in becoming a mystery shopper for Marketshare Australia Pty Ltd. We think you will find it to be an enjoyable and fun experience while also helping our client organisations improve the service they offer to their customers. As a mystery shopper you are providing a service to Marketshare Australia Pty Ltd and you will need to submit your invoice to be paid. As a mystery shopper you are considered to be a SUPPLIER to and not an EMPLOYEE of Marketshare Australia Pty Ltd.


Before you complete any Mystery Shopping visits you first need to :

  • complete our Mystery Shopper Registration Form providing your contact and banking details. In most cases this will be completed over the telephone by the recruiter when you are first contacted; AND
  • supply one of the following:
    • ABN – Australian Business Number, OR              
    • ATO “Statement by Supplier” form.

The money you receive as a mystery shopper is taxable. In certain circumstances you can claim tax exceptions. You can do this using the ATO’s “Statement by Supplier” form if the assignment amount is less than $75. You will need to complete and sign this form before you can conduct any mystery shopping assignments for Marketshare Australia. Please note that an ABN is mandatory for our more significant mystery shopper assignments where payment exceeds $75.

online system

We have an online mystery shopping system. In order to be able to successfully complete mystery shops for Marketshare Australia you will need to have some basic computing skills with regular access to a personal computer. As part of the registration you will need to confirm that you have regular access to a computer with email and internet access. You will also need to confirm that you have the means and ability to scan and upload documents and photos. If you do not have these skills or computer access you will find it very difficult to meet the timelines and  requirements of our mystery shopping assignments.

which shops will I get assigned?

When you are logged in to our online system you can view the ‘Jobs Board’ which will display all available shops in your area. If you see an assignment you would like to apply for, simply click that store and supply a date you are available to complete it.  If you are travelling, you can change the area displayed to see if there are any stores in the area you will be travelling to. If you are approved for your assignment you will receive an email notification with the subject line **ACCEPTED** and then the store details. If we receive multiple applications for a store, and the store is not assigned to you, you will receive an email stating the store has been assigned to someone else.

shopper instructions

As part of each mystery shop you will be provided with detailed instructions and a copy of the feedback form you need to complete. Please make sure you read through the instructions and the feedback form before you head out to complete the shop.

how will I get paid?

As a mystery shopper you are providing a service to Marketshare Australia Pty Ltd and you will need to submit your invoice to be paid. You can enter you invoice details using our online system. This is done at the same time you enter your feedback details for the shop you have completed.

Payment for mystery shops is scheduled 4 to 6 weeks (in many cases sooner) following the date you submitted your report. Funds are transferred to your nominated financial institutions at the end of each payment cycle and payment should appear in your account within 1-2 days. You will receive an electronic payment advice sent to your nominated email address.  At this stage we do not pay via PAYPAL and we do not issue cheques for mystery shopping. Failure to complete and/or return all required documentation (including receipts) may delay your payment.

It is your responsibility to ensure we have your most up-to-date bank account details. If your account details change please notify us immediately. The best way to do this is via our online mystery shopping system.

approval process

Please note that we undertake a validation and approval process before payments are authorised. NO payment will apply for feedback forms that are late, incomplete, inaccurate, or if the guidelines of the assignment are not followed. This is because we will have to arrange for these assignments to be repeated and we will need to pay the replacement shopper.

Alcoholic beverages, including corkage, will NOT be reimbursed unless otherwise specified.

return of receipts

Copies of receipts need to be provided for all of our mystery shopping projects. This is mandatory as it helps our clients validate the time and date of the mystery shop. Please note that we sight receipts as part of our payment authorisation process.  You must upload copies of your receipts into our online system when you enter your feedback. If you do not provide receipts this may delay payments to you.

photos of food

In most cases you are also required to take a photo of the meal and drink purchased. This is done so our clients can confirm outlets are meeting their preparation and presentation standards. Please ensure you take the photo before you start to consume your meal.  You need to upload the photo/s at the same time you upload your receipts.

your ATO obligations
When completing your invoice you will need to quote your ABN Number. You can request an ABN number from the Australian Taxation Office: www.abr.gov.au.  If you choose not to have an ABN, then you must complete a “Statement by Supplier” form from the ATO. We are required by law to withhold tax at the highest marginal tax rate from  the total payment we make to you unless an ABN has been quoted OR there is “no need to quote an ABN”.  On the “Statement by Supplier” form there are a number of options you can choose for not quoting an ABN. You should obtain independent advice regarding the best option for you.

 Marketshare is not able to offer taxation advice to you. You are responsible for your own tax. If you are unsure of your situation we strongly recommend you contact your accountant, tax advisor or the Australian Taxation Office directly.

important contact numbers

We literally receive hundreds of emails relating to mystery shopping each week. To help streamline communication would you please use the following main points of contact:


Email:  mysteryshoppers@marketshare.com.au

Field Office telephone:  07 3254 1003

This is direct number for our mystery shopping department. Please leave a voice mail message if unattended.

Office mobile:  0422 655 404

You should use these telephone numbers and  email address for all work related issues including rescheduling dates, advising inability to complete a mystery shop, etc).



Mystery Shopper Help Desk 

Use our Mystery Shopper Help Desk for all financial related issues – queries about payments, registration forms and ATO issues and forms.